沖縄の出張アロママッサージ&リゾートスパ【 Tiida ~てぃーだ~ 】
受付 17:00~

Terms of service

Precautions for use

Prohibited matters

Please note that those who correspond to any of the following are not allowed to use our services.
Also, if any such act is found out, we are afraid we cannot refund the fee one already paid for any reason.
●Please understand that one must pay a fine that we specified when such problems are found out.

  • ・Those who won’t put on paper shorts or a customer’s underwear during applying oil massage
  • ・Act to scout or solicit our therapists
  • ・Use of our service by gang-related persons or who look like so
  • ・Those who use drugs( cannabis, stimulants, thinner etc.)
  • ・Those who are drunk
  • ・Those who eavesdropped or secret-filmed
  • ・Those who harass therapists (roughness, violence, threat, and other acts)
  • ・Those who may be infected
  • ・Those who we judge not to observe rules and etiquette as an adult
Precautions against cancellation after booking

Please contact us early by phone when you would like to cancel our service when there are compelling reasons.
We cannot accept cancellation on the booked day through e-mail. Please make a call for cancellation.
Less than 3 hours before the appointment, if our staff has already arrived at the destination, we will not accept the cancellation. In that case, a cancellation fee will be charged for the booked course + transportation fee.

If we find out pregnancy, we may refuse to give treatment.
 Our services are not categorized in medical practices, so we won’t take responsibility for it.

We are not adult-entertainment business and will not provide excess service.

Please note that one is not allowed to use or stop using our service during the course if one coerces a therapist to provide sexual service.